Bible passages. Get a list of curated scriptures to help make your sermon preparation quicker. Every message comes with multiple passages for your review. Conclusion. Are your weary and worn out from Christmas? Are you worried about the New Year to come? Are you wary of people you are not sure you can trust? Are. > Sermon Archive > Sermons by Occasion > New Years Eve · Previous Next. Sermons written specifically for New Years Eve. Show. 25, 50, , , All. entries. New Year's Day Sermons Message delivered on the Reformed Witness Hour program by Rev. W. Bruinsma, pastor of Pittsburgh PRC. Sermon preached in Covenant of. This will be the last adventitious sermon that I shall preach for a long time. Beginning next Sunday morning, I am going to preach a long series—how long, I do.

Faith Baptist Church Jim Swanson | Corona, Queens, New York. Keyword. Filter. Page 1 | Found: 8 sermons. SORT. Newest, Oldest, Published, Comments. 5 Ideas for Your New Year's Sermon · 1. New You for a New Year. Our happiness tends to revolve around our ability to make changes in life. · 2. New Year's. It is God's will for us to live victoriously in this New Year, and we can! We can live without hopelessness, fear, and utter frustration in the New Year before. Sermons from New Year's Messages · ANY YEAR CAN BE A GREAT YEAR! (Psalm ) · IT'S ABOUT TIME, or ON TIME (Psalm ,12,14) · THIS TIME NEXT YEAR (Psalm. A thick veil shrouds all in impenetrable gloom. In vain we strain our eyes to pierce the curtain dark. We enter on the year by faith and not by sight. The hand. Introduction. It's a wonderful day and I'm really honored to be preaching on the first Sunday of the New Year it's a great joy. I have In our journey with. You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance”. (Psalm NLT) What a powerful verse!! INTRODUCTION –. 10 New Year's Sermon Series Ideas · To The Future · A Whole New Me · Creature of Habit: Changing Your Old Ways · Hold Fast: The Book of 2 John · New · The Good. Nothing stands outside of that all-surrounding circle. "Behold, I make all things new." What a splendor of almighty goodness shines out upon our souls! Lord.

As Paul traveled the known world preaching Jesus and standing before kings, he said, “I was not disobedient to that heavenly vision ” In Colossians we are told. Find New Year Sermons and Illustrations. Free Access to Sermons on New Year, Church Sermons, Illustrations on New Year, and Preaching Slides on New Year. Find the best ideas for preaching on New Year's. Get New Year's sermon outlines & illustrations from leading pastors. Start getting inspired today! The world makes New Year's resolutions, I want us to make a NEW YEAR COMMITMENT. 2. New Challenge To Build A New Wall. Nehemiah faced a new challenge. He had to. So, here are 54 sermons appropriate for the beginning of a new year. Some of them speak to faith, some to making a new beginning, some to the need for trust in. Watch and download New Years videos, media and sermon illustrations by The Skit Guys and friends. Things good and kind and pure; Though days and years may pass away, These things shall still endure. You know not where your path. This New Year's sermon based on Matthew and Matthew 6: 33 will help people understand how quickly life goes by and how long eternity is. Use this New Year. The Book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament records the sermons Moses preached to his people before he went up on Mount Nebo, viewed the Promised Land and died.

But if you will say, “Lord Jesus, this year I'm relying on you,” you can do all things through Christ. Text: Philippians Sermon Series: New Year's Day. C. What a depressing introduction to a sermon But isn't that the way many people are thinking about the New Year. If you want God's blessings, obey him. If you want his discipline, disobey him. Today years later, you and I face the same choice. As you stand on the. 'Preach The Word' exists to provide sound Bible teaching to all through the ministry of David Legge from Northern Ireland. These sermons for Christmas and.

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